Divine Anarchy is a decentralized NFT experiment where sandbox game theory combines with community choice to bring forth innovative utility, group building, and an epic adventure. By obtaining a Divine Anarchy NFT collectible, players can participate in shaping an intricate story, battling for ascension, and so much more.


10,000 Citizens from 9 different Bloodlines have been chosen to participate in the Divine Tribunal. 5,000 of the Citizens are Heroes, while the other 5,000 are Nemesis.


As the story goes, due to humanity’s great insolence, The Creator cast a flood upon the world. Regions were destroyed. Societies were displaced. Vowing to never condemn humanity to such a fate again, ten Ethereal Monarchs were selected to pass judgment in his place. The Creator deemed that the fate of the world should be in the hands of those who inhabit it, and with the Ethereal Monarchs at the head, the Divine Tribunal was formed.

It's been six thousand years since the Great Flood. Due to humanity’s decadence, the Ethereal Monarchs have enacted their innate right to cast judgment on humanity once again.

Whether humanity’s intentions are good, evil, or indifferent, every individual selected to partake in the Divine Tribunal is an agent of change.




Each bloodline has a dark force that seeks its way to power. As long as there is a concept of victors the vanquished will also exist.



Honor, dignity, and loyalty mark the ways of a hero. All nations have an opposing force to darkness. When awakened will impart justice, peace, and equanimity.


In preparation for the Divine Tribunal, The Creator has allowed the blessings of Spirit Animals to grace the world once more. During these tense times, certain citizens will receive the guidance of a sacred Spirit Animal. Nine different animals will watch over a fraction of the population as it prepares to fight for the fate of humanity.




The Divine Tribunal has been separated into 3 Verdicts spanning over 1.5 months. During each of the 3 Verdicts, both opposing factions, Heroes and Nemesis, will vote to decide mankind's fate.

Once the 3 Verdicts are reached, the Ethereal Monarchs will award one of the two sides with ASCENSION.


At the end of each of the 3 Verdicts, 500 Ascension Apples and 500 Bad Apples will be airdropped at random to the wallets of those who participated in the vote. Those in the winning faction will receive Ascension Apples. Those in the losing faction will receive Bad Apples.

Ascension Apples give citizens the opportunity to ascend, ensuring their survival at the end of the Divine Tribunal.

Bad Apples give citizens the chance to sacrifice themselves to The Creator in exchange for 1 Ascension Apple, which can be used by another citizen for ascension.



The battle for glory is upon us. A war of the ages has broken out amongst men from all corners of the earth. After the dust settles only one faction will reign supreme and claim a seat next to The Creator. Heroes and Nemesis will embark on an epic quest for glory where their loyalty, integrity, charm, and persuasion will be tested.

The 3 verdicts will dictate whether humanity should be punished or rewarded. This will culminate in the ascension of the most worthy of mankind. Brace yourself for judgement citizens and may The Creator have mercy on us all!