Edition 1: New Beginnings. 11.21.2021

Hello Citizens,

We are hard at work building for us all! We (the team) are in the process of operationalizing and setting up processes that will enable us to scale so that we can better accommodate our growing community, deliver utility and value incrementally to our users, and provide information in a timely and transparent manner.

That being said, the team is actively focusing on the immediate short term and have recently concluded our research and design sessions, as well as our planning session for our short term deliverables (mainly our social game, giveaways, and our spirit animal and gas collections).

While we move to execution in our current delivery cycle, we understand the significance and importance of designing and planning for our longer term goals and horizons.

We plan on incorporating feedback directly from our community and users by systematizing our moderator process to focus on capturing feedback and inputs from the community, and also plan on identifying a select few members for testing purposes (More to come there, expect an updated roadmap to follow in the next few weeks).


Here are some of the next short term deliverables that the team has committed to:

Going forward, you can expect a new edition of our newsletter to be released so that we can inform our citizens whenever we close out our sprint cycles (1 week periods starting 11/20–11/27)

Setting up a regular cadence for information to be released via Newsletter:

This entails us incorporating information we can share on the dev team’s roadmap, additional lore and storyline details around the Divine Anarchy Universe, and also a section that features our own community and users.

Information regarding other roadmap details such as giveaways, partnerships and collaborations will be shared here as well, along with information regarding new team members.

Social Game:

The team has gone through the design and planning of the social game, now, we are moving to execution for this deliverable with sprint 1 starting Saturday 11/20.

The Dev team has designed a solution that will ensure we minimize and prevent the community from any gas fees, as a result, we are converting our existing contract to Web 2.0 while validating ownership in Web 3.0 (more to come later).

We estimate that our timeline for the social game will take about 3 sprints, at most 4 — targeted for the week of 12/11

Bloodlines: Check out the overview of all 9 bloodlines. For centuries they have been at war with each other and we now understand a little more about them: View Bloodlines.

Monarchs: We will be sharing the Monarch backstories this upcoming week!

Operations: Mods, Dev team, and additional talent:

We want everyone to know we are actively working on fostering growth within our community and improving the overall experience. We are prioritizing the collection of user feedback on a regular basis\

Support and community concerns — feel free to reach out directly to mods to submit feedback, whether it’s regarding any questions or issues.

1776 Auction: We had an amazing NFT charity auction. The Curate Team purchased NFT #1776 from our treasury. All profits will be used for charity.

We are looking to the community to help decide what we do with the funds raised. We need our citizens to follow the twitter link to help voice their opinions: 1776 Fundraiser Auction