Edition 2: Exodus

Hello Citizens,

We have had quite an exciting week! We’ve come across a phenomenal group of citizens who are committed to the building of a great experience. Many of our team members came from our community and it is thrilling to see so many people of A Tier talents looking to embark on a great opportunity and adventure.

We are working hard to create a great experience, not only for you but also for us. We have added key core members to build out this organization. Having DeFi as our backbone we are committed to embarking on this adventure with you all. We have had several new occurrences take place over the past few days.

Our focus was to build the systems to sustain growth, activity, and foster a place where our team can thrive and operate in an optimal manner. We have constructed our organizational chart and are thrilled to add new team members that will empower us to reach a place where the community can operate freely and feel welcomed as citizens of Divine Anarchy.

We are always looking for extremely talented citizens, wherever they may be! If you would like to push this adventure forward and craft your own destiny make sure to reach out to us as your talents may be extremely useful!


Here are some of the many completed deliverables that we have moved forward with following a list of events, work scope, and product advancements we are trying to make.

As promised our goal is to produce a regular update with regards to the Divine Anarchy ecosystem!

Social Game:

We had a chance to work with our design team on using Plasmic as a front end tool to accelerate our deployment of the app. As great as that tool seems. We decided against using Plasmic, as Web3 integration is very tricky and it would get messy if we were trying to use this new tool. So for the sake of peace of mind we decided against Plasmic. In the same testing phase we were able to confirm that Apple airdrop, bad apple consume, ascension apple consume all work great for what we need. We also started on the development of integrating Web3 providers & Architecture into our app. It’s been a very interesting experience, and a difficult one. But we have been squashing problem after problem with it.

Our goal here is that we want this to be a super seamless experience, even a caveman could use the products we put out. We also created an off chain solution for working with the NFT’s & metadata for future features as IPFS is super slow in comparison to modern day architecture. We started setting up a Database Architecture and are in the talks of how we can include The Merchant coin bot into this experience for possible future features with the web experience!

In this next sprint we will address:

1) Creating a signature protocol to allow off-chain game interactions while validating the owner ID is accurate.

2) Creating an off chain ledger that will eventually be publicly available, so EVERYONE is aware of what’s going on behind the scenes. We think the Crypto community will appreciate this transparency in regards to where data is going.

3) Finalizing the creation of some Admin tooling for controlling the game.

4) Building out the UI & interactions that go with that UI for the social game.

Scribe: We have boarded our very own scribe. Please welcome Noch! He will spend his time roaming the social platforms to find the juiciest updates, game details, spotlight citizen interviews, and keep record of all the eventful things taking place in our realm!

New Lead Team Members:

Clench: Head of HR and systems

slChild: Product Manager and org lead

Naan: Head of community & overall beast

Website Upgrades: We’ve now migrated our newsletter to exist as a part of the Divine Anarchy website experience. Going forward, our weekly updates will be found on the website where you will soon find everything.

Wallet Verification System for Spirit Animals & The Wasteland Collection. Available on our website.

Citizens, you are now able to log in to determine your eligibility for both the Spirit Animals and Wasteland collections.

Monarchs: Monarch backstories will be released in a refreshing way. As part of our commitment to push the narrative and the boundaries of what is possible we have hired a second artist to produce the first social media manga narrative. More of these details will be revealed this week!

Focus Groups: We will open up an application process where you can apply, or nominate individuals in our community that we will be using for testing purposes, feedback, etc. We are looking to identify diverse skill sets and backgrounds and will be holding these meetings at a regular cadence with new people each time.

Proposal System: We will be creating a process where community members can submit proposals, vote on new and exciting ideas, which will then be brought to the core team to flesh out in order to determine feasibility, effort, and value. You guys will be able to follow the entire process and will have a direct impact on what gets included in our roadmap.