Edition 3: THE BUREAU

Hello Citizens,

The Bureau is finally here. As part of the ecosystem, you have the ability to interact with a new in-Discord ecosystem where you will be tasked with the duty of leveling up the highest echelons of society.

We are moving along day by day with incredible progress. In this newsletter, we will be sharing some of the most exciting announcements of this week. Make sure to take the next 3 minutes to check out the amazing updates taking place in our ecosystem.


Dev Team Updates: Some of this week’s sprint deliverables we listed from last week’s newsletter will be rolling over into this next sprint (sprint 3). One of the reasons why these deliverables are rolling over is because we spent time this past sprint onboarding for the team which was a rigorous process in order to structure our organization based on current needs. Among this giant onboarding process we have added a few new developers:

Cjay — React Architect

Lefty — React Developer & Backend Architect

Skaro — React Developer

Sprint Goals for Sprint 3:

Creating a signature protocol to allow off-chain game interactions while validating the owner ID is accurate.

Creating an off-chain ledger that will eventually be publicly available, so EVERYONE is aware of what’s going on behind the scenes. We think the Crypto community will appreciate this transparency in regards to where data is going.

Creating some Admin tooling for controlling the game.

Building out the UI & interactions that go with that UI for the social game.

Wasteland: The artists have submitted their final renders for the limited edition Wasteland Collection this past week.

Mixing for the wasteland art starting this sprint!

Website: Updated branding guidelines developed from the design team for future UI/UX updates

Monarchs: Unfortunately our second hired artist was in an accident and no longer is able to draw for us. So we are currently finalizing our newest artist to the team.

Citizen Spotlight: We want to shine the spotlight on one of the most active members of our community, Derox. His insight into the project is valuable to veteran NFT collectors and novices alike.

The Buraeu: “The Bureau” has recently been added to the Divine Anarchy Discord server. A government ecosystem where you can earn in-server coins that can buy you valuable items like DA NFTs, cash prizes, and more. The infographic below shows the hierarchy of how The Bureau functions.