Edition 6. THE BEAR

Dear Citizens,

The time is near. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be breaking down the spirit animals, their lore, and revealing how amazing they are turning out. As you know we are in a new year and that means change. We ventured into the unknown with the goal of bringing anime art to life through NFTs. Our gas wars collection is complete, however, we will be releasing some sneak peeks over the next few days!

We have many new updates for you especially with regard to the social game progress and the development of our ecosystem.

Date of Game Launch: End of Sprint 8 (1/8/22–1/15/22)

Spirit Animals:

On Dec 31st the Spirit Animal snapshot was taken. All wallet holders that held a DA NFT token that was divisible by 4 secured their spirit animal airdrops.

A Spirit Animal is a mythical creature that serves as an avatar and has a personal relationship with its individual. You do not choose the animal, it chooses whether you are worthy enough. These spirit companions are there to provide guidance, protection, power, and wisdom.

Throughout legends worldwide, it is believed that before the Great Flood, people relied on the wisdom and symbolism of Spirit Animals for thousands of years. Since then, their guidance has been absent from the world. That is about to change.

Spirit Animals are returning once again to guide citizens during these trying times. The Creator has reinstated their blessing throughout the world, allowing citizens to be protected by nine different kinds of Spirit Animals.

The Consuls of The Creator will unveil more about the return of Spirit Animals in the coming days.

There will be 9 different spirit animal types. Story lore and rarity are built into each spirit animal type… and future plans are currently being discussed.

Pictured here is The Bear:

Tesla Giveaway: January 3rd at 3 pm EST we will be one of our biggest Giveaways yet! We will be raffling off 2 Teslas to two Divine Anarchy citizens! Join us on our discord to watch the raffle live with Diversity and Asset Bender.

Dev Updates: Our largest update is the Tesla Giveaway. This script was not an easy one to write. It actually uses the same technology that OpenSea utilizes to construct its marketplace. Meaning for this giveaway we built a portion of OpenSea. This technology is great to have and will definitely be used in the future. A big part of our venturing into this space is developing useful web3 tools for future use!

A few updates on the game, we have completed our Web3 Layer for all the wallet interactions/contract interactions that the users will have while logged in. We completed our “CRUD” (Create, Read, Update, Delete) for voting or what we call “Proposals”. A music player has been added that will be available throughout the app. Within our Web3 Layer integration, we also created a few helpers to easily access our contract. A “spike” ticket (these are research tickets that are used to solve for variables/unknowns in our deliverables) was taken up to determine how we want to handle “transactions” for all interactions feeding through the app. Lastly, a few things have been added to the map side of development: The map is now interactable with React (our front-end framework) allowing us to control things at a higher level and build features faster. Action handlers were built into the map which enabled the previously stated feature to be possible, lastly, some buttons have been added that will allow you to control your “viewport.”

Citizen Spotlight: This week, The Creator’s consuls spoke with a young and inspiring member of the community, PantherXZ. At just 12 years old, PantherXZ has exemplified understanding, conviction, and a commitment to learning within the Divine Anarchy world. His actions and dedication have been seen as commendable by The Creator. The consuls spoke with PantherXZ to learn more about his experience, inspirations, and more.\

We are excited to have such young citizens venture into the NFT realm!

Divine Coins:

Coin Bot Goes live 01/03: Our team has been working on the coin bot these past couple of weeks. As you know, we already had a bot that dealt with economics. However, it could no longer function due to some unforeseen technical circumstances. Because of this, our team had to rewrite and improve our bot.

In addition to the global redesign of all existing functions, we have made the UX simpler and easier to understand. So now it will be easy even for beginners to understand it!

We have added a personal inventory system where you can check your purchased items and use them with new features. By the way, about the purchased goods … We have completely renewed the store and will now add a lot of exciting goods there.

In addition to graphical improvements and code optimization, we have introduced an economic control system. The bot fully controls all transactions, purchases, transfers and can conduct statistical analysis. Moreover, in future updates, we plan to introduce more thorough deflationary mechanics and new features and bots, which will make your time on the server more varied.

New economics, payouts, and items will be announced in discord tomorrow.

Daily Activities: Our citizens and mod team are always hosting mini-games on our server from poker, to anime nights, trivia, videogames, and more. Come stop by the discord to join in on the fun and start earning coins to use in our in-server shop.

Ethereal Monarch Backstories:

Adan & Eva: From the divine rain of Eden’s gardens came the first two physical beings to touch reality as perfection incarnate.

Read the origin story of the Genesis bloodline’s two Ethereal Monarchs: Adan & Eva. https://divineanarchy.medium.com/adan-and-eva-genesis-52667dcdd96d

Kupala: Born alone in the darkness, a blind boy found his way to the surface world.

When he returned, he became the leader of Inner Earth.

Read the origin story of Kupala, the Ethereal Monarch of the Agarthian bloodline. https://divineanarchy.medium.com/kupala-agarthians-b9560a5d29c7

This week we will be publishing the beautiful Owazi and mystical Poseidon epic backstories. Subscribe to the Divine Anarchy Medium Account so you don’t miss out on any of the lore!

Wasteland Collection: We have finalized the Art mixer. This exclusive collection will grant automatic access to Season 2 Divine Anarchy and will be airdropped free of charge to wallets that were affected by gas on public mint. The collection will drop near the end of season 1.